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KNOE 8: Sen. Bill Cassidy Trying to Get Louisiana Prisoner Out of Venezuela

The following excerpts were taken from an article by JESSICA TORRICELLI published by Local KNOE 8 News on February 26, 2019.


On the topic of a Louisiana man imprisoned in Venezuela, Cassidy says he's been working with Tomeu Vadell's family trying to bring him home. In a tweet Tuesday, Cassidy says, "my office has been in contact with the attorneys involved, the State Department, Venezuelan officials, Citgo, and others who could help."

Vadell is a Citgo Executive from Lake Charles, Louisiana, "who was enticed to go down to Venezuela, immediately imprisoned to make him the "fall guy" for the corruption and the theft of millions of dollars from Citgo," says Cassidy.

"We don't want war in Venezuela, we don't want the average Venezuelan to suffer more than he or she already has," says Cassidy.

"But, if Tomeu is hurt, and the other Americans being kept, then there should be no such sanctuary offer. The people responsible for Tomeu being hurt should be treated like war criminals."

Read the Original Publication Here.

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