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KPLC 7 News - Vigils held to commemorate CITGO 6 anniversary of imprisonment

The following excerpts are from an article by THERESA SCHMIDT that was published by KPLC News on November 21, 2019.


Two years ago, November 21, six executives from CITGO were unexpectedly captured in Venezuela-- and have been imprisoned there since.

They’ve come to be called the CITGO 6 and one of the local families held vigils on the anniversary, as part of continuing efforts to bring them back.


Family members have feared for their loved ones' safety and health. Before and after photos show the toll, it has taken on Tomeu Vadell.

“I’ve graduated, I’ve started a new job and I feel like I’ve done a lot of things I would have liked for him to have been there just to hear his opinion or have some form of guidance from him. So, it’s been hard not experiencing that,” said Tomeu’s son, Diego Vadell.

Tomeu’s oldest daughter Veronica Weggeman admits it’s been really hard.

But she hopes the vigil will spread awareness and help move the captors to do what's right. She was able to speak to her dad for three minutes earlier this week.

“He’ was ready to receive the love and prayers and that he feels it when people send them his way. So, keep sending us your support because he really does feel it. And he’s so grateful and he wanted everyone to know that he’s happy that everyone is coming together to commemorate him and his coworkers.”


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