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Mr. Tomeu Vadell, American Hostage in Venezuela for Two Years

Joint Statement by Mr. Vadells’ Counsel

Two years ago a few days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Tomeu Vadell of Lake Charles, Louisiana, along with four other Americans and a U.S. LPR, was unlawfully detained by the government of Venezuela. Tomeu and the other men have been denied due process of law and held in inhumane conditions ever since.

Despite the many challenges of presenting a legal defense in Venezuela, and also pursuing this matter in the United States, Mr. Vadell’s legal team for several weeks has been preparing measures in Caracas, Houston, and Washington, D.C. to help secure the unconditional release of Tomeu. Mr. Vadell’s legal team includes Mr. Jesus Loreto, Loreto Abogados Penalistas (Caracas, Venezuela), Ms. Megan Moore, Rusty Hardin LLP (Houston, Texas) and Mr. Jason Poblete, PobleteTamargo LLP (Alexandria, Virginia)

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